úterý 26. dubna 2016

Chicken and meat spices

Chicken and meat spices

I want to share a very important thing with you all. if you want a great taste for the meat or the chicken? Boil it first then roast it.
Specially if you want to cook Indian or Arabic food you need to boil all kind of meat also If you want to make chicken or pork or beef soup you need to boil them, then you need to add some herbs into it.

1- Cinnamon sticks. 2 sticks
2- Bay leaves, 3 leaves
3- Cardamom, 5 to 7 seed.
4- cloves, 5 seeds.
5- one medium onion cutting to 4 quarter.


Clean the meat or chicken then you put it in pot and add cold water, and once water start to boiled add the onion, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, cardamom and the cloves plus salt and fresh black pepper.
for chicken let it boiled for 45 minutes,
for meat 11/2 hour to 2 hours if its big of course with bones much batter.
then you roast it and the broth you use it as soup or to cook the rice specially the Briany rice.

Trust me you are going to love it.

Bon Apettit

Pepino pepes

Privet Party

Privet Party.

Last Saturday we had a request from www.kamennypotok.com
to come and make some finger food and some grill for 8 people.
so my assistant lukas and I went there and we had great time with the guests over there.
Pepino Pepes
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čtvrtek 21. dubna 2016

Hummos and Mutabal Salad with Chapatti bread.

Hummus and Mutabal Salad with Chapatti bread.

Most of the people around the world love hummus, and its easy to make it if you use the right amount of the ingredients. you can eat it as snack or as side dish with all kind of meals. speacialy with grill food, summer time just around the corner and I think we need it every weekend on our table.

Maybe most of you don't know that in middle east we also use ground meet with hummus we add on top deferent taste.
Here am going to make hummus with meet.

Then the second important salad in middle east gose with grill food or as snack as well the Mutable salad.
What is Mutable salad?
its eggplant it shows in photo Number 2 (Lilak in Czech Republic)

Then this time I ate it with Chapatti bread: its Pakistani bread, its very good with Indian food.

Lets start with hummus:


2 can of hummus, you can find it in kaufland or billa or any healthy stores or middle eastern stores.
2 tablespoon of tahinia, (in Czech sezamova pasta) you can find it in healthy store or in middle eastern stores.
2 lemon fruit, juiced.
1/2 red chili or green.
1 teaspoon cumin (in Czech, remsky kmin)
1 garlic.
2 tablespoon Greek yogurt.
200g ground beef meet.

1- in small pot put the 2 can of hummust and boil it for 3 minutes.
2- in blender add the lemon juice, garlic, chili, tahinia, yogurt, cumin, salt: beat it for 1 minute, ass in photos No: 4 and 5
3- add the hummus to blender not with all the water just 3/4 of the water we boiled hummus with. and keep beat it for 5 to 7 minutes,
4- in big service plate put the hummus in it.
5- in pan with 2 tablespoon oil cook the 200g meet for 10 minutes, add salt and pepper.
6- put the meet on top of hummus and then add cumin as decoration with parsley and olive oil. as shown in photo No:8A

Mutabal Salad:


2 big eggplant (lilac) as in photo No:2
1 garlic
2 tablespoon Greek yogurt.
2 tablespoon tahini.
1/2 red chili or green
1 big lemon fruit or 11/2 juiced.
salt and paper.


1-with the knife open from both side of the eggplant small crack you make, and put it in oven in 250   Degree for 30 to 35 minutes till become very soft inside.
2- in blender add garlic, lemon juice, chili, yogurt, tahinia and salt and paper and beat it for 1 minute.
3- when eggplant is ready take it out and spoon it from in to out, you don't need the skin as photo No: 3. and add to blender and beat it for 1 minutes. you need it smooth but not very smooth. as in photo No: 4 and 5
4- put it in service plate and add olive oil on top with parsley as garnish.

Chapatti Bread:


250g white flour.
250g brown flour
1 cup of warm water
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar.
100ml normal oil.


1-put all ingredient on the flour and knead it and keep adding water step by step till the dough is not sticky. need to be smooth like gum. 
2- let the dough to take rest for 30 minutes.
3- Then start to make small balls and roll it as in photo No: 6
4- bring nonstick pan and put it on stove and make it very hot then lower the heat to medium,
and the bread one by one for 11/2 minute each side.

In middle East, Turkey and Greece we love to have fresh vegetables as a side dish with olives.
it gives real great taste for the food.

Bon Appetite

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středa 20. dubna 2016

Another Great day In Cesky Kromlov

Dinner in Cesky Kromlov, Kamenny potok House:

Another wonderful evening in Cesky Kromlov by petra Kamenny potok.
What else do we need, amazing place, great friends and wonderful food. Family friendly atmosphere, I cant describe it more.
the little paradise in south of bohemia, Czech Republic.

Its rostto keftah I post it before under the valentine rostto keftah.
Bon Appetite
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Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings:

Two days before the wedding the bride asked me if I can make a chicken wings for her and the family, so invited them over my apartment and we made the wings.

Its very easy and testy, you can have it as snack or lunch or easy dinner.


1- Chicken wings, 6 pieces per person.
2- 3 smashed garlic.
3- 150 ml vinegar.
4- half lemon juice.
5- 3 tablespoon soya sauce.
6- hot sauce, any kind and any amount you want.
7- 2 tablespoon mustard.
8- 5 tablespoon ketchup.
9- small can of tomato puree, or tomato sauce.
10- salt and black pepper.


In big bowel, put the chicken and mix all the ingredient all together, leave it in fridge for one hour.
2- preheat the oven in 230 Degree.
3- in tray put the wings and cover it with aluminum paper and put it in the oven for one hour.
4- then take the aluminum paper and keep the wings to cook for more 10 minutes to thick the sauce.
5- eat it with bread or without it, I did it with Pakistani  chapatti bread, latter I will post the recipe.

Bon Appetite

Pepino Ppepes

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úterý 19. dubna 2016

Middle East Fateh

Middle East Fateh

Do you want something Delicious easy and healthy?
This is the food you need.
Its a middle East food comes from Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.
All you need is:
1- chicken.
2- spices such as cloves, cinnamon stick.
3- bay leaves.
4- one onion.
5- Vinegar.
6- Garlic.
7- Green or red chili.
8- Greek yogurt.
9- pita bread or tortilla or Arabic bread.
10- Almond.
11- Parsley to garnishing.
For the chicken broth:
4 chicken legs 
5 cloves.
1 onion cutting to 4 quarters.
bay leaves.
1 cinnamon stick
hot water to boil the chicken.
in medium pot put the chicken and add the water, let it to boil then add the onion, cloves, cinnamon stick and the bay leaves.
let it boil for 40 minutes.
when its done take the chicken out and cut the meet out of the bones, you don't need the bones you need the meet only cut it with your fingers.
keep the chicken broth a side.
to marinate the chicken you need: after you cook it.
3 tablespoon vinegar.
3 garlic
1 green or red fresh chili.
smash the garlic and the chili put it on the cooked chicken and add the vinegar and let it a side for 30 minutes because you need the meet to suck the garlic and the vinegar.
for presentation you need:
3 pita bread or 3 tortilla or 3 Arabic bread.
500 Ml Greek yogurt.
100 g almond, you need to fry it in oil for 5 minutes.
White cooked rice, short white rice. normal cook, just boil it
1- cut the bread to small pieces like 3 cm.
2- put it in tray and then put on top some chicken broth  11/2 cup and let the bread to suck the broth.
3- add the cooked rice on top.
4- on top of the rice add the chicken all over the rice.
5- on the chicken add the yogurt all over.
6- add the fried almond on top and some parsley as garnishing.
Bon Appetite
Pepino Pepes
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